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Property Investment & Construction across the UK

At Contraho Ltd, we work with investors building on strong traditional foundations that have stood the test of time. We source the right property or site within the right area knowing end values which will give back the ROIs expected by investors.

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Contraho are driven by the aim to protect the interests of our investors, as well as produce an everlasting product with our Developments. Preparation is a key element in any industry sector, and something we apply to all investments within our portfolio. Our Track record in Property Development is testimony to our diligence and experience.

Contraho has an ever growing group of investors seeing the benefits of a partnership with our company. Working with our investors, we source investment opportunities through varies sectors of property industry. With the growth in the UK property sector, specific to our targets, investors have seen a positive return on their investment, outstripping returns seen from other investments in their portfolio. Contraho manages all projects from Source – Negotiation – Consultation – Design - Build, through to sale or property management.


We source the right property or site within the right area knowing end values which will give back the ROIs expected by investors – setting the bar too high for our competitors.

We work alongside local authorities and councils in order to gain the development planning requirements we know will provide the end sale values.

Contraho acts as Main Contractor, bringing the project to life, taking the stress out of property building works Ensuring Timeline, budgets and values are met during this critical time in the development
Choosing the right sales agent for any project is vital in order to meet the end sale value expectation. Working in tandem with surveyors, we are able to give our investors’ confidence we are able to meet projected sales figures. With the right agent in place, it is important that we employ the right marketing strategy in order to make each sale.

Contraho has become, not only, the facilitator for some of the best property investment opportunities, but the stable back bone behind our investors’ money and return.

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